Pure "Made In Italy"!

A family business that could become famous all over the world on the basis of past experience and artisanal traditions and in the mean time being oriented towards the most advanced concept as to leather goods.  Lexiapel is one of those firms that liven up the Italian production field, bringing honour to that typically Italian taste that nobody can deny.  Seventy years of history mean a solid tradition in the field of leather goods for Lexiapel, therefore a patrimony of skills that grew in time, becoming a support to an activity that made a statement in the world by playing its card with a winning formula: quality, style, creativity, and reliability, a value of great significance for Lexiapel, and that constitute a basic reference for all those clients that in Italy and abroad have always known to be dealing with professionals. 
The history tells of a store established at the beginning of the century in Corso di Porta Garibaldi, in Milan. They sold bags and small woman's leather goods. The production itself began in 1928 always in the Lombard City, but later transferred in 1945 to Lesa, in the province of Novara, home town of the Lanzetti's. In 1956 the new offices were inaugurated in Lesa, where they are still operating under the leadership of Eugenio and Andrea Lanzetti.
Since the 60's, Lexiapel has made its appearance on foreign markets: Far East, France, Austria and Great Britain absorb 70% of the entire production today, confirming the steady position conquered by their firm of Lesa and supporting the thesis according to which the best of “Made in Italy” maintains its fascine and inimitable personality.


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